Stop hurting yourself!

We all have dealt with some unpleasantness in our lives. Many use defense mechanisms to protect from feeling those not so fun feelings. Some tell jokes while others just simply deny the unpleasantness ever existed. But what happens when you are the cause of your hurt. Some areas of self-injury emotionally are:

Focusing too much on the past– Not letting things go. Playing re-runs in your head like a marathon on TBS, and obsessing over questions like, what if I did this? What if I said that? What if I didn’t?

Feelings that are not returned– Telling someone you love them, but they don’t reciprocate. People hurt themselves by giving and giving and getting nothing in return.(Disclaimer: In boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and sometimes friendships). This article in Psychology Today would be good to read relating to this.

Not getting help-Starting to feel like you can’t get a grip on things? Life is
really eating at you, and you can’t deal with it. That’s the time to seek professional help.There’s nothing wrong with having a therapist. In fact, I’ve heard it would be good for everyone−especially those in their 20’s (us!)−to have one to prevent mental health issues from developing (depression, anxiety, etc.)

The list can go on, but these are some areas I think that causes self-injury emotionally. How do you deal with feelings that are more on the “rainy day” side?

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