I feel pretty ,oh so pretty

When we look good we feel good.  People make judgments by how we look before they learn about who we are and what we can do. So, when we look good we become confident enough to show people how great we are.  One of the most important place where we would like to have fierce confidence is at work. Here are some ways to get that million dollar feeling:

Go to the dry cleaners– Take great care of your clothes. It may cost you a lot more to dry clean, but your clothes will look so much better if you do. If you want some recommendations for inexpensive places around DC click here, here , and here.

Buy clothes that require dry cleaning –While we’re on the subject of dry cleaning, spend some extra dough on clothes that are top quality. They will last longer and you’ll look a lot better!

Carry around a pack of Altoids- People not only make an impression about you from your clothes, but your breath is a deal breaker too. Make sure your breath is minty fresh when speaking to co-workers and clients.

Buy some cool studs – This is for the women. It’s really good to look attractive and stylish at work, but not provocative. Studs help achieve this very well.

Make sure shoes are shined– Well shined shoes look really good and for guys this is what many people focus on.

Keep hair groomed and add variety– Try different hairstyles. Have some variety. Make sure you stay on top of haircuts.

Find a nice fragrance or smell like soap and laundry detergent– Everyone likes a well smelling person, but make sure it’s not overbearing.

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