Cha Cha Changing

Let’s start off with a 90’s throwback:

Change is a natural part of life. We’ve been through a lot of changes so far as 20-somethings. We’ve gone from middle school to high school, high school to college, and college to the “real world” or grad school. In each of these new enviornments we’ve had change the way we do things to fit into our new stage of life. Recently I’ve had to do this, not because I’m moving to a new level of schooling, but I’m moving into a new age group– mid-twenties. I’m having to drop some of my childish ways and move towards becoming an adult. This is not fun,this is hard, but it is necessary for me to succeed in life. Here are somethings I’ve learned along the way and please, please share if you have any more insight:

Change is uncomfortable– If your used to doing something one way for your entire life it’s going to feel really weird, I mean really weird to do something another way. I’ve just embraced it and chopped it off to growing pains. After awhile the change will start to feel normal and you will be growing into what you wanted to become!

Don’t try to become someone you’re not– When your trying to change something, it should be something that would make you a better human being. For example, if your prideful you may try to be humble, if your really shy you might try to be more outgoing. But be that new way on your own terms, don’t try to be like your friend Sally or Mike. They may have the qualities you want , but you have to make those qualities work for you. If you try to be exactly like them, it will only leave you frustrated and disappointed harming your quest to success in changing. Remember Selena Gomez’s wisdom; )  . You wanna be yourself through this process, but your just trying to be a better version of yourself. So take your time and have fun!

It might take a long time– If it took you 10 years to become a certain way don’t expect it to take a week to become something new. Again this will only leave you frustrated and wanting to give up.

Enlist the help of your friends– Tell friends who love and care about you what you’re trying to change and have them hold you accountable. It’s important you pick the right friends who won’t criticize or condemn you and make you feel even more weird, but will encourage you along in your goals.

I wanna repeat, change can be hard and painful, but along the path of change you’ll become a better person and be much better at life. Remember to have fun, forgive yourself if you have a lapse to the way your once were, and this is all apart of growing up :).

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