Workout Spotlight: Bicycling

So I have a love-hate relationship with bicyclists. On one hand it’s great they are getting exercise while paddling on their leg-powered contraption and being green by not using a car to cruise around. On the other hand they get in my way while I’m trying to drive down the street. Don’t get me wrong. I love bicycling on a sidewalk or on the beach away from motorist , but not on busy DC streets. All in all bicyclists are great , but I don’t think that when I’m riding in my car ;). Here’s a song for all you bicyclists out there to get pumped up for the next ride.

[I promise this is the last Queen related thing I will post… for at least a month :)]

How do you guys feel about bicyclists? If you’re a bicyclist how do you feel about sharing the road with your 4-wheeled friends?

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