Workout Spotlight: Ellipticals

I’ve fallen for a new piece of equipment at the gym. I’ve always seen it there, but I never took notice, never gave it the time of day. Usually I run to the treadmill because I love to run and I always have a great time on it, but lately, things have changed. It doesn’t make me feel the way it used to—like I’ve gotten a good workout . Nor that I’m working the part of my body that I’d like to work on the most: my upper thighs. It just doesn’t complete me anymore.

I began to search for something different… and that search took me 3 feet to a machine known as the elliptical. I thought it would be convoluted to use, but no, I was wrong. It was amazing!

No longer did I feel a strain on my knees as I felt  from my relationship with the treadmill. No longer did I have the feeling like I wasn’t getting the things I needed. The elliptical provided everything I was looking for. It even had a cup holder for my water bottle. The treadmill never offered to hold my water bottle. I’m getting scalped legs and arms without putting much strain on my precious joints. ( I think there’s no strain. If there is I don’t feel it.)

I see the treadmill around from time to time. I nod at it and smile. I may try to start things back up with it later. But for now, I am madly in love with the elliptical.xoxo

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