Get up and brush your teeth

Just 20 minutes ago I felt stressed out with life. There was just so much to do. I had to finish studying for the GRE, write a rent check, figure out other major changes in my life, write a blog post, get ready for bed and more and more and more— so many things! I just felt like everything was swallowing me up and I was about to drown in a sea of responsibilities. Then — I got up and brushed my teeth.

This one simple act in series of activities that is my bedtime ritual inspired me to do more. I finished getting ready for bed,  wrote the rent check, I am now writing a blog post, and my stress abated.

Sometimes when faced with anxiety and stress you just have to get up and brush your teeth. Start doing something that moves you forward. Lying in your bed stressing about things isn’t going to solve anything. Do something to be a catalyst for getting things done.

What is your “brushing your teeth” activity?

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