Workout Spotlight: Yoga

Recently I have jumped on the yoga train. I used to think that I was this weird new age thing that vegans and hemp wearers participated in, but after a couple of aches and pains my body adjusted to the contortions and I became a yoga lover.

Yoga is a healing practice that is recommended for helping with anything from lower back pain to cancer, in case you weren’t familiar with it.

It is also huge with abating stress. TWO times, I walked into a yoga class and been completely stressed out , but when I left I was singing ” summer breeze makes me feel fine….”.

I started going to classes at my local gym , but those classes were kind of sub prime compared to going to an actual yoga studio. Sorry, I’ve become a bit of a yoga snob.

If you  start doing it I would start off with a free class, or a donation based one at a local studio and then progress from there. Namaste!

  1. Hi, it’s always great to read how people get hooked on Yoga, and yes, it does that to people 🙂 You don’t need to believe in it – it works anyway! Enjoy the practice, it will just get better and better and better….


    • It so does! Every time I go I get better. I love it so much!

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