NYE Resolutions

What’s the point of having New Year’s resolutions? Don’t get me wrong, I think NYE resolutions are great because they make people better, but why start in the dead of winter, when you’re starting back at work after being gone for two weeks or less and there is tons of work to do , or when you need to start getting your taxes together.

There’s just too much to do at the time of year. It’s just setting us up for failure.

How about instead of having New Year’s resolutions we have Spring Equinox or Summer Solstice resolutions. The spring signifies new beginning just like the new year with the burgeoning of sweet-smelling flowers and warm weather. However, if you have allergies , Spring may not be the best time to start. Summer however is perfect! It’s warm , sometimes hot, but that’s what gyms and pools are for, cooling off.  Also, most companies usually have lower work loads because of all the summer vacation season, giving you a little more time to focus on your resolutions.

People may not fail because the resolutions were hard, it may just be because of bad timing.

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