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Microsoft Office help function is your friend!

The Microsoft Office help buttons have helped me so much at work that I should get it a present or something. I think I’m well versed in the basic to intermediate skills, but it helped me with advanced things I never knew Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or Access could help with.

This came up in my last job because my boss asked me to do an assignment where she wanted to transpose information from a column to a row, but she didn’t know how to do it and assumed I didn’t know how to do it either. So she said if I figure it out great, but don’t worry about it. Well, I clicked on my handy dandy Microsoft Excel button and typed in that situation. It popped out exact instructions on how to do it. My boss was impressed! Thanks Microsoft Excel help button!

Here’s what I found. Couldn’t get the graphics to load , but if you type “transpose data from columns to rows” it should come up:

If data is entered in columns or rows, but you want to rearrange that data into rows or columns instead, you can quickly transpose the data from one to the other.

  1. On the worksheet, do the following:
  • To rearrange data from columns to rows, select the cells in the columns that contain the data.
  • To rearrange data from rows to columns, select the cells in the rows that contain the data.
  1. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click Copy .

Keyboard shortcut To copy the selected data, you can also press CTRL+C.

Note You can only use the Copy command to rearrange the data. To complete this procedure successfully, do not use the Cut command.

  1. On the worksheet, select the first cell of the destination rows or columns into which you want to rearrange the copied data.

Note Copy areas (copy area: The cells that you copy when you want to paste data into another location. After you copy cells, a moving border appears around them to indicate that they’ve been copied.) and paste areas (paste area: The target destination for data that’s been cut or copied by using the Office Clipboard.) cannot overlap. Make sure that you select a cell in a paste area that falls outside of the area from which you copied the data.

  1. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click the arrow below Paste, and then click Transpose.
  2. After the data is transposed successfully, you can delete the data in the copy area.

Tip If the cells that you transpose contain formulas, the formulas are transposed and cell references to data in transposed cells are automatically adjusted. To make sure that formulas continue to refer correctly to data in nontransposed cells, use absolute references in the formulas before you transpose them.



Treat yo’ self

I live in a city where it’s all about go go go. It’s about what you do and who you are, so much so that if you’re at a party and someone asks you what you do , it better be good because if not you are immediately left to stand by yourself while the other person goes and finds someone more important to talk to.

Being in this kind of environment can make someone very competitive and a workaholic. Working to make sure they are the best at what they do. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does become a problem when you ignore yourself, your needs, and relationships.  It gets bad when the only thing you care about is your career.

That’s why it’s important to treat yourself every once in awhile: sleep in one day, go to dinner with friends, plan a date night. It will make you a better worker and could be the best thing for you and your relationships.

Who to fly with. Where to stay.

I just wanna talk about a great experience I had with two companies this weekend and a bad one.

First up, we have Delta. I liked them because they make every effort to make their customers happy. I was sitting by the check-in desk and the stewardess was working hard to make sure families were sitting together. They also came in 15 minutes early for my flights. They are great with customer service as well as being efficient.

Country Inn & Suites had fresh baked chocolate cookies in the afternoon and 24 hour hot cocoa , tea, and coffee. Nuff said.

Continental however came in late each time requiring me to run to my connecting flights. They only served drinks and their planes had limited leg space. When I showed up for my flight, the plane wasn’t even there, 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave! They just didn’t seem very efficient to me AND they don’t even have a Twitter handle! Tisk tisk [ It was later discovered after posting that Continental was bought by United so their twitter handle is @united]

The secret of great companies: great employees

I think everyone wants to be a great employee. Most people don’t wake up and say “ hey, I want to go do a bad job today! That’s what my life is all about” No. People want to do a great job, but companies and organizations sometimes suck the lives out of people with dead time, a litany of rules, and only looking at the bottom line. Companies that focus on the latter generally have high turnover or severely unhappy employees and both lead to higher cost. The higher cost is a result of searching for a new hire and money lost from unproductive unmotivated employees. People are people, human nature is inbreed in the worst and best employees. Some have the willpower to push through this, however some just work at great companies.

Companies that allow nap times *cough* Google, or unlimited vacation time *cough* The Wedding Wire. These companies don’t incur high cost with employee turnover because they make their employees happy by giving them what they want. As an added bonus they attract the brightest, hardest working employees because the best would like to work for the best. That is why these companies are continually on the best companies to work for lists.

Companies may say “Well, I’m not Google or The Wedding Wire. I don’t have the resources to provide these kinds of perks.” I can speak for the millennial generation and say that most of the things that make us happy are non-monetary. Having every other Friday’s off or unlimited vacation time with no questions asked, flex time, Sabbaticals. Other low cost perks could be paying a percentage of monthly gym memberships, being a dog friendly office, or providing engaging work assignments. Basically, a great move would be to ask employees what they want and then get creative about providing it.

Great companies have great employees and that way to attract these employees is to make your focus on making the employees happy.