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Well hydrated?

I’ve been drinking only water for the last 10 days and wow have I seen the benefits of being well hydrated.

My skin looks so fresh and youthful, even more than it does regularly, and my hair is shiner and more elastic.  Everything about me just looks healthier.

I have a lot more energy and I just feel light and not weighed down.

Jonah Hill even swears by it. In an article with Cosmopolitan magazine when he’s asked what would you never leave home without? He responds, “Bottled Water…”

Giving up the juice, soda, coffee, and tea for a couple of days is definitely worth a try.


Big Bullies

People are ripping FLOTUS Michelle Obama for her project to get Americans active. For what? Why? What’s the point?

Sure, I don’t agree this message is really a priority of the Executive Branch, or that we should have taxes on sodas or cigarettes because, is that really going to change anyone’s behavior? If you’re addicted to cigarettes you’re going to by that $10 pack. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, you’re going to but that huge pack of Hershey’s chocolate. No, I do not think the tactics of the food police work because what it really boils down to is people have to WANT to in their whole being to change and make healthier decisions.

With that said, I don’t think the First Lady should be criticized for her choice. I mean what’s so bad about wanting to help people live better? With the obesity rate so high in this country, why not pick it? The next best thing to pick would be literacy, but former First Lady Laura Bush already picked that. What else is there? How to protect yourself from terrorist? Focusing on the environment and keeping us from global warming? Both equally controversial with some people.

It’s a no-win situation in this day and age. So why criticize?

Book it!

I wish we had Book it!  for adults — or, I don’t even know if it is still around , but if it were I would be racking up on Pizza Hut pizzas.

I just love reading. It’s so much better than a T.V. episode or a movie in forms of entertainment. It captures my attention longer because it usually takes me way more than 30mins to 2 hours to read a book. Plus, a book allows me to make up a unique story in my mind with the unwritten characteristics for the characters and settings.

When I was reading Harry Potter, I envisioned the characters slightly different than the ones they picked for the movie. I even pronounced Hermonie differently. I was able to take the story and make it my own and have an emotional connection to the book that no one else had. Sure, there were shared experiences from things explicitly stated in the book, but for the things not completely described, my imagination could run wild and create a more enriching story.

I love the way books engulf, the way they transport us from our surroundings when it’s a rainy day or a bright sunny summer afternoon.

I wish I could be engulfed while munching on some hot Pizza Hut pizza too.

Heyyyy Jonah

I just love it when people turn away from eating junk and not being physically active to looking good and healthy. I just want to highlight Jonah because he looks sooo good now. He’s even maintaining his new lifestyle from what I can tell from his tweets. He’s not going to be one of those stars that loses the weight and then packs it all back in. Plus, his career is taking off now too. There’s Oscar buzz surrounding him for his performance in Moneyball with Brad Pitt and he has a couple cool projects coming up.

Keep it up Jonah!

Whose line is it anyway?

Today I did an Improv Workshop with Washington Improv Theater. It was so fun! I felt like I was a kid again.

We did a couple of exercises that I really enjoyed. In one, we started in a line against a wall, one person  acted out doing something in front of the group , the person next to them in the line would enter the scene and say “ Hey, What are you doing?” , the original person would tell them something that they weren’t doing and that other person would have to act it out and so on.

For example it would go like this:

Person 1: Acting like they are driving

Person 2: Hey, What are you doing?

Person 1: I am brushing my teeth

Person 2: Act like they are brushing their teeth

It would go like that until everyone went.

I learned that to do improv well, you can’t think about what you’re gonna do next. You just do it when prompted. Basically you’re not supposed to think, just do. So freeing and fun. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s a huge stress reliever and has the potential to be euphoric fun.

Getting in shape is as simple as GTL.

Say what you want about the cast of Jersey Shore, but they have working out and looking good — er their definition of looking good down to a science. Gym, Tan, Laundry. It’s so simple, and they look forward to it. As soon as they hoped back in to the U.S. from beautiful Italy the only thing on their minds was fine me a gym, put me in a tanning bed, their clothes were probably dirty and wasn’t ready for partying so , get me to a washer and dryer machine!

A working out/looking good regime needs to look like that. Something you can’t wait to do even if you just jumped off a plane from beautiful Italy. If you love dancing, find a Groupon or so to a few studios and sign up for their intro classes. If you love yoga, like me! , start off with their intro class just to get in to it. You gotta ease into it. If you get the big class package and miss a few classes you’re gonna get discouraged.

Find you’re form of Gym, Tan, Laundry and you’ll be on your way to getting in shape!

Breakfast is the most important meal!!

I just made this and it was magnificent! I’ll call it Baby in a Bun. It’s really simple to make and it took about 10 min. This is how I did it:


1 Cinnamon raisin or blueberry bagel

2 Eggs

1 Teaspoon of sour cream (optional)

3 shakes of the salt shaker (optional)

Tons of butter!

Scramble the eggs and add the sour cream (I hope you know how to make eggs by now). Heat the pan and put in like a table spoon of butter. Let it melt for a bit, and then hold down each half of the bagel inside up in the pan for about 10 sec. You’ll need a teaspoon of butter for each side.  Remove both halves of bagel and place to the side on a plate.  Put in tons of butter then pour eggs in to pan with medium heat. Scramble to perfection, shake the salt, and then put eggs on bun.

Done! You have a Baby in the Bun ;).

This is healthy because of the nutrients. Not fat content.