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Workout Spotlight: Yoga

Recently I have jumped on the yoga train. I used to think that I was this weird new age thing that vegans and hemp wearers participated in, but after a couple of aches and pains my body adjusted to the contortions and I became a yoga lover.

Yoga is a healing practice that is recommended for helping with anything from lower back pain to cancer, in case you weren’t familiar with it.

It is also huge with abating stress. TWO times, I walked into a yoga class and been completely stressed out , but when I left I was singing ” summer breeze makes me feel fine….”.

I started going to classes at my local gym , but those classes were kind of sub prime compared to going to an actual yoga studio. Sorry, I’ve become a bit of a yoga snob.

If you  start doing it I would start off with a free class, or a donation based one at a local studio and then progress from there. Namaste!


Not what we imagined.

I, like many of my generation, believed that upon graduation from college I would land a well paying job, move into my own apartment, enjoy the single life for a while , meet someone special, marry, settle down and raise a family. 

Reality has come upon us as shown in this atlantic article. Most of us are not getting that well paying job or any of the other events that follow. We are living at our parents house. If we do have a job, it’s not what we want and we are painfully underpaid. Others enjoy thriving careers at this time and feel nothing of this, but that is few and far between.

I have recently come into the job search category because the contract with my company for our client is not being renewed. So what does one do in this situation when the economy is so bleak and you feel helpless because you know you’re doing everything correctly, but no one seems to be biting. I’ve only been at this for the past week or so and this is what I’ve learned:

Make use of your contacts only when you know exactly what you want – Don’t just say ” I’m looking for a job, know of anything?” give specifics , ” I’m looking for mid-level communications positions, know of anything?” or better yet say ” I found _____ position with your company. Do you know of anyone who directly deals with hiring for that position?Or could you recommend me to this position?” or something along those lines. Keep asking until you find someone who knows who’s hiring for the position or can recommend you.

Be a resource person not a job beggar – I learned this from the book What Color Is Your Parachute?  it’s a practical manual for job hunters and career changers. You want to show how you could help an organization with their problems, not go in with the ” please give me a job!! I’ll do anything!!” attitude. Desperate is not a good look.

Network, Network,  Network – Doesn’t matter how smart you are , it’s who you know to get you in the door for an interview.

I haven’t been on the job hunt long, but I hope following these things will make my job hunt time very short.

What are some other things you have learned from the job-hunt?

Staying fit without breaking the bank

Getting back in shape takes a full pledge desire from you to do so.

Once you really want to, I think there is no need to get a gym membership. There are tons of low-cost ways to achieve physical fitness without paying $50 or more a month.

I was reading a Brazen Careerist article that featured a quote from Melissa Harris, business columnist for the Chicago Tribune. She said ” During the most stressful periods in my life, I gain weight,’she adds. ‘So I’ve adopted a few rules: First, eat a low-sugar, low-carb diet. Second, one glass of wine or one mug of beer is enough. And third, a personal trainer is worth going broke over(formatting added). I look at it this way: If your body’s in good shape, that’s one less thing your mind needs to worry about. I also use all of my vacation days; taking time off is important to re-energizing yourself.”

I fully agree, but sometimes— well all the time, you can’t go broke over it. So how do we work out without breaking the bank ?

Take advantage of nature– run, jog, play on the swings at the park while the kids are off doing something else.

Use daily deal sites– LivingSocial and Groupon offer really great gym deals.

Your rec center – The recreation center usually has a no-frills gym and equipment.

Staying fit and not spending too much money can be done.

What do you do to work out without breaking the bank?

I’m just 24 going on 6…


Earlier this week, we had a fire drill at work. The warning sounded “there’s a fire in the building, please evacuate” People flooded from each floor door onto the stair well that led to the ground floor and we leisurely walked out of the building to our assigned spaces in the parking lot. Some employees disobediently went to other department’s assigned spaces to  catch up with friends . Other colleagues began to bounce  a small ball around to each other in a game of mini foursquare.  One of my co-workers poked me and uttered some unrecognizable verbal sound. After a couple of minutes, a man on the megaphone signaled that this was just a drill and instructed us to orderly re-enter the building.

This was a scene I had witnessed many times in my life. However, these scenes were characteristics of my elementary school days. I never thought as an adult I would be participating in the same scenes as I did as a child. It’s as if Act 1 in this play became Act 4 and the play never really progressed into a story that led to an end. It just repeated and repeated on an infinite record player.

These elementary scenes were not just isolated to this particular moment — there were others:

I cried in front of people. As a child I did this very often. Either as a result of wanting to get my way or just because I didn’t get my way. I had no qualms about it depending on who was around. As I grew older, I thought this behavior should be left behind, after all ” big girls don’t cry”. But I did it recently.When I did it as an adult, it wasn’t of childish reasons. I shared something with people that was emotional and I responded as such. Now, I don’t think you should be a weeping willow, but I good cry around people who care about you once in awhile doesn’t make you less of an adult — it makes you human.

I did something stupid.  I took a non-calculated risk that almost left me in a horrible position. I thought adults never do that! By the time you reach adulthood you should have learned from your mistakes from adolescence, and by this point you should be taking it easy and going after those calculated risks tied to a huge payoff. I was wrong. In adulthood you will continue to  make mistakes , HUGE mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them.

I played around without inhibitions. When I participated in an activity, I still somehow think I’m invincible and if I get hurt I could use one of my many lives I’ve acquired during play like in Final Fantasy 7. However, it does not work that way. We are given one body and one life, we can’t jump off cliffs and not consider the risk of possibly cracking our heads open on a jagged rock in the water below.

I’m sure I’m just preaching to the choir , but if not, I hope the heads up does some good.

What is your idea of being an adult? And how has that changed as you’ve gotten older?

Get up and brush your teeth

Just 20 minutes ago I felt stressed out with life. There was just so much to do. I had to finish studying for the GRE, write a rent check, figure out other major changes in my life, write a blog post, get ready for bed and more and more and more— so many things! I just felt like everything was swallowing me up and I was about to drown in a sea of responsibilities. Then — I got up and brushed my teeth.

This one simple act in series of activities that is my bedtime ritual inspired me to do more. I finished getting ready for bed,  wrote the rent check, I am now writing a blog post, and my stress abated.

Sometimes when faced with anxiety and stress you just have to get up and brush your teeth. Start doing something that moves you forward. Lying in your bed stressing about things isn’t going to solve anything. Do something to be a catalyst for getting things done.

What is your “brushing your teeth” activity?

Summer Workout Playlist- August

Whew this summer has flown by. I can’t belive I’m making an August playlist. Albiet, I think summer technically continues on into September, so I’ll maybe make the last one then.

So you know the deal. Preview the songs here and run on over to iTunes or any other place to purchase and load the music on to your portable music playing device.

Warmup/Cool down      

Phoenix – Lasso- They are becoming one of my favorite bands

No hands- Waka Flocka Flame

Keith Urban- Days go by- A favorite from my undergrad days in NC

Dance or Die – Family Force 5 – They are a little eclectic but the music is good

Give A Little More- Maroon 5




Party Rock Anthem- LMFAO- Fun dance song

High of 75 – Relient K- Always gets me feeling good

Kids – Sleigh Bells – Really like them!!

Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons – Love!

I Do Not Hook up – Kelly Clarkson

Workout Spotlight: Ellipticals

I’ve fallen for a new piece of equipment at the gym. I’ve always seen it there, but I never took notice, never gave it the time of day. Usually I run to the treadmill because I love to run and I always have a great time on it, but lately, things have changed. It doesn’t make me feel the way it used to—like I’ve gotten a good workout . Nor that I’m working the part of my body that I’d like to work on the most: my upper thighs. It just doesn’t complete me anymore.

I began to search for something different… and that search took me 3 feet to a machine known as the elliptical. I thought it would be convoluted to use, but no, I was wrong. It was amazing!

No longer did I feel a strain on my knees as I felt  from my relationship with the treadmill. No longer did I have the feeling like I wasn’t getting the things I needed. The elliptical provided everything I was looking for. It even had a cup holder for my water bottle. The treadmill never offered to hold my water bottle. I’m getting scalped legs and arms without putting much strain on my precious joints. ( I think there’s no strain. If there is I don’t feel it.)

I see the treadmill around from time to time. I nod at it and smile. I may try to start things back up with it later. But for now, I am madly in love with the elliptical.xoxo