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Cha Cha Changing

Let’s start off with a 90’s throwback:

Change is a natural part of life. We’ve been through a lot of changes so far as 20-somethings. We’ve gone from middle school to high school, high school to college, and college to the “real world” or grad school. In each of these new enviornments we’ve had change the way we do things to fit into our new stage of life. Recently I’ve had to do this, not because I’m moving to a new level of schooling, but I’m moving into a new age group– mid-twenties. I’m having to drop some of my childish ways and move towards becoming an adult. This is not fun,this is hard, but it is necessary for me to succeed in life. Here are somethings I’ve learned along the way and please, please share if you have any more insight:

Change is uncomfortable– If your used to doing something one way for your entire life it’s going to feel really weird, I mean really weird to do something another way. I’ve just embraced it and chopped it off to growing pains. After awhile the change will start to feel normal and you will be growing into what you wanted to become!

Don’t try to become someone you’re not– When your trying to change something, it should be something that would make you a better human being. For example, if your prideful you may try to be humble, if your really shy you might try to be more outgoing. But be that new way on your own terms, don’t try to be like your friend Sally or Mike. They may have the qualities you want , but you have to make those qualities work for you. If you try to be exactly like them, it will only leave you frustrated and disappointed harming your quest to success in changing. Remember Selena Gomez’s wisdom; )  . You wanna be yourself through this process, but your just trying to be a better version of yourself. So take your time and have fun!

It might take a long time– If it took you 10 years to become a certain way don’t expect it to take a week to become something new. Again this will only leave you frustrated and wanting to give up.

Enlist the help of your friends– Tell friends who love and care about you what you’re trying to change and have them hold you accountable. It’s important you pick the right friends who won’t criticize or condemn you and make you feel even more weird, but will encourage you along in your goals.

I wanna repeat, change can be hard and painful, but along the path of change you’ll become a better person and be much better at life. Remember to have fun, forgive yourself if you have a lapse to the way your once were, and this is all apart of growing up :).


It’s an emergency!

Yesterday I was on my way to work on the DC Metro red line.
It started out as a normal day and then this happened There was a bomb treat at Rockville station and they weren’t letting any trains pass through  the station because the police and the bomb squad were investigating on the platform. This event made me think, what is the best thing to do when you’re in an emergency situation where your life is at stake?

As a generation, we’ve been through some major emergency events—the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina. I’m sure we will go through a lot more. What is the best way to handle these situations?

I found a good resource even though it may not be the most credible. According to wikihow:

In many emergency situations, timing could be the key to saving someone’s life. But it is extremely important to know what to do in these situations, and to do it quickly.

Take deep breaths. Your brain can’t function properly without oxygen. Take long, deep breaths, not short ones. If you begin panting, you will increase the rush of adrenaline. Continue taking deep breaths until you agree to yourself that you can take care of the situation. If you don’t think you can handle it, even after one minute of deep breathing, get help. If you don’t think you can handle the situation, there’s no point in trying, because you’ll probably do something wrong. Call your local emergency number if you aren’t calm enough to take care of the situation after one minute of deep breathing.

Don’t continue deep breaths to calm down after one minute, because waiting too long could affect the situation dramatically. In these situations, it’s either you can do it, or you can’t. Choose carefully.

Figure out what you need to do, and do it. Make sure you do it right while still being timely. Run in your head each choice you make, and determine the effects of it. Be fast. Don’t rush things to the point you can’t remain calm, but don’t take your time either. Rushing can lead to pointless decisions that will only waste more time. Before going through with any choice, make sure it’s worth the while. And as soon as you start, go through with it.

Call your local emergency number such as 999, 112 or 911. After you’ve gone through your choice, call your local emergency number immediately. Your choice could help stall the situation, but no matter how good you think it was, call your emergency number. If you’re with other people in the situation, while you’re making your decision, yell at someone to call the emergency number. Don’t yell generally; yell at one specific person, preferably the first one you see. If you yell at one person, they’ll do it. If you yell at everyone, they will all assume someone else will do it.

Follow the instructions of the emergency dispatcher on
the phone and don’t hang up
. Help any injured people and imagine what you would need in their situation. If there are multiple injured people, help the most critically injured first. If you need a cloth or water ask a bystander to get it. Don’t leave someone unattended unless
absolutely necessary.

Relax. Wait for the emergency specialists to come. There’s
basically nothing you can do after you’ve made your choice and have called the emergency number. Don’t go completely numb, but don’t freak out either. Continue taking deep breaths, and constantly remind yourself that you’ve done all you can. Don’t feel you need to make another decision to make things right, because the specialists will know exactly what to do once they arrive.


Remain calm.

-Continuously let oxygen to your brain. This will help you think and calm down.

-Understand that unless you are a trained medical or emergency worker, the situation will likely look
worse to you than it actually is, especially if bleeding or broken bones are involved. While it is always important to have a high index of suspicion that something serious could be happening, just remember that it probably looks worse than it is.

-Prepare. None of the above steps are of any use to you if you don’t have an iota of an idea what to do. There is NO excuse not to undergo basic first aid and CPR training at least once in your life. It really could mean the difference between life and death for you, a loved one, or even just a complete stranger whom you may be able to help.

Situations like this can cause major stress and bring on a
variety of maladies such as post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s important so see a trained professional to talk about what happened to prevent issues from developing. What have you done in the past to cope with emergency situations?

Workout Spotlight: Running

I love running. Let me be more specific—I love running outside, in 75 degree weather, with the sun shining bright, a gentle breeze, and under clear blue skies. It’s where I can go to think and workout anything that’s bothering me. It’s my therapy. The sidewalk is the couch and the therapist is the air that I breathe into my lungs that feeds my passion and helps me see things clearly. When I step out on to the sidewalk and start up a gait, my anxiety washes away.

I like to hear the sound of the city, so I run without headphones. The music is my steps , the laughter from kids, and the sound of wind dancing thorough the leaves on the now lush trees. Out there you don’t have to worry about the guy next to you sweating up a storm.  I don’t worry about calories, heart rate, or anything else. All that’s out there is the sound of my feet hitting the pavement –clop clop, the wind flowing over my skin, the bright sunshine massaging my skin, the fragrance of flowers, and the beautiful foliage. Every time I run it’s a euphoric experience that I yearn for thoughout the day.

I feel pretty ,oh so pretty

When we look good we feel good.  People make judgments by how we look before they learn about who we are and what we can do. So, when we look good we become confident enough to show people how great we are.  One of the most important place where we would like to have fierce confidence is at work. Here are some ways to get that million dollar feeling:

Go to the dry cleaners– Take great care of your clothes. It may cost you a lot more to dry clean, but your clothes will look so much better if you do. If you want some recommendations for inexpensive places around DC click here, here , and here.

Buy clothes that require dry cleaning –While we’re on the subject of dry cleaning, spend some extra dough on clothes that are top quality. They will last longer and you’ll look a lot better!

Carry around a pack of Altoids- People not only make an impression about you from your clothes, but your breath is a deal breaker too. Make sure your breath is minty fresh when speaking to co-workers and clients.

Buy some cool studs – This is for the women. It’s really good to look attractive and stylish at work, but not provocative. Studs help achieve this very well.

Make sure shoes are shined– Well shined shoes look really good and for guys this is what many people focus on.

Keep hair groomed and add variety– Try different hairstyles. Have some variety. Make sure you stay on top of haircuts.

Find a nice fragrance or smell like soap and laundry detergent– Everyone likes a well smelling person, but make sure it’s not overbearing.

I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas!

As I began to write this post, I was reminded of one of my favorite Barney songs. It’s one of those songs aimed at getting kids to make healthy eating choices. Once we become responsible for buying our own food, we want to eat healthy, but our wallets simply don’t allow sometimes. These are some tricks I’ve learned from a variety of sources that have worked pretty well.

Use coupons– I saw an episode of Extreme Couponing on TLC where a guy got $885 in groceries for free! He also spent 30 hours a week preparing for his shopping trip by gathering coupons and researching grocery store sales, so it’s a tradeoff. This is an extreme –hence the title− case of couponing, but if you go to the websites of some of your favorite brands, they’ll usually have money saving coupons you can use. is also a great resource. If you want to do extreme couponing, here’s a link from the shows’ website with tips from extreme couponers.

Buy in season- I just went to the grocery store and there were kiwis 3 for a $1! If fruits and vegetables are in season they are usually really cheap. If your favorite fruit or veggie isn’t in season, they should be cheaper in the frozen food section.

Change your priorities- Making the decision that
eating well is a little more important than clothes or entertainment in your budget, could give you more money in the food category to buy better food. Think of all the money you’d be saving on medical bills in the future by focusing on your health and eating well :).

Don’t follow a recipe- Don’t follow them instruction by instruction, but use them more as inspirations. Many call for random ingredients that you don’t immediately have on hand, and it runs up your grocery bill. So be creative! Be inspired from the recipe to make the meal your way by substituting things you already have at home or are less costly than the ingredient in the recipe.

Farmers markets- Fruit, vegetables, meat, and
grains are usually cheaper here because they are from local farms.

These have been very effective for me in trying to eat healthy on a
budget. It may be a challenge for some to follow every suggestion, but maybe picking one or two will help you toward the goal of eating better. Have you tried any other methods that have worked well?

Summer workout playlist-June

There are a lot of things I like together. Running and good music are at the tippy tip of that list. No matter what your chosen method of burning the fat or keeping in shape, these tunes will keep you motivated. Each month during the summer I’ll update the list to keep things fresh.


Warm-up/Cool down

Ben Lee- “Catch my disease

Matt Wertz- “Everything’s right

Plain White Tees-“Rhythm of Love

Wiz Khalifa-“Roll up

OneRepublic-“Good life

Florence+The Machine-“Dog days are over



Nicki Minaj,“Check it out

Michael Jackson-“Beat it

Kesha-“We R who we R

Lady Gaga-“Just Dance

Rihanna-“Only girl in the world

Pitbull ft. Neyo, Nayer, Afrojack-“Give me everything tonight

Phoenix- “ Lisztomania

Any songs I missed that you would like to see on the July
workout playlist?

Stop hurting yourself!

We all have dealt with some unpleasantness in our lives. Many use defense mechanisms to protect from feeling those not so fun feelings. Some tell jokes while others just simply deny the unpleasantness ever existed. But what happens when you are the cause of your hurt. Some areas of self-injury emotionally are:

Focusing too much on the past– Not letting things go. Playing re-runs in your head like a marathon on TBS, and obsessing over questions like, what if I did this? What if I said that? What if I didn’t?

Feelings that are not returned– Telling someone you love them, but they don’t reciprocate. People hurt themselves by giving and giving and getting nothing in return.(Disclaimer: In boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and sometimes friendships). This article in Psychology Today would be good to read relating to this.

Not getting help-Starting to feel like you can’t get a grip on things? Life is
really eating at you, and you can’t deal with it. That’s the time to seek professional help.There’s nothing wrong with having a therapist. In fact, I’ve heard it would be good for everyone−especially those in their 20’s (us!)−to have one to prevent mental health issues from developing (depression, anxiety, etc.)

The list can go on, but these are some areas I think that causes self-injury emotionally. How do you deal with feelings that are more on the “rainy day” side?