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No mas manic Mondays.

It happens every week. A couple of days after the greatest day of our week lives, Friday.  We have so much fun getting to Friday because of promises of freedom for a night and two whole days, but when Sunday night comes around it brings tension and anxiety because we have to get back to reality. Mondays cut the fun short.

What if they didn’t? What if we had “Cheers to the freakin’ weekday!” —Rihanna. The fun doesn’t have to stop with Sunday, it could spill out into the week!

Monday doesn’t have to bring us down if we plan something after work. Likkee a happy hour, going to a play, an hour venting session with a friend because your boss said ___________ or you did _____________ ( fill in the blank). Donno if that last one would be considered fun, but it may make you feel better : D.

Everyday has the potential to be a funday and packed with activities or for alone time. I’m going to make a commitment to not let Mondays get me down, but keep the fun of freedom going!