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Who to fly with. Where to stay.

I just wanna talk about a great experience I had with two companies this weekend and a bad one.

First up, we have Delta. I liked them because they make every effort to make their customers happy. I was sitting by the check-in desk and the stewardess was working hard to make sure families were sitting together. They also came in 15 minutes early for my flights. They are great with customer service as well as being efficient.

Country Inn & Suites had fresh baked chocolate cookies in the afternoon and 24 hour hot cocoa , tea, and coffee. Nuff said.

Continental however came in late each time requiring me to run to my connecting flights. They only served drinks and their planes had limited leg space. When I showed up for my flight, the plane wasn’t even there, 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave! They just didn’t seem very efficient to me AND they don’t even have a Twitter handle! Tisk tisk [ It was later discovered after posting that Continental was bought by United so their twitter handle is @united]