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Big Bullies

People are ripping FLOTUS Michelle Obama for her project to get Americans active. For what? Why? What’s the point?

Sure, I don’t agree this message is really a priority of the Executive Branch, or that we should have taxes on sodas or cigarettes because, is that really going to change anyone’s behavior? If you’re addicted to cigarettes you’re going to by that $10 pack. If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, you’re going to but that huge pack of Hershey’s chocolate. No, I do not think the tactics of the food police work because what it really boils down to is people have to WANT to in their whole being to change and make healthier decisions.

With that said, I don’t think the First Lady should be criticized for her choice. I mean what’s so bad about wanting to help people live better? With the obesity rate so high in this country, why not pick it? The next best thing to pick would be literacy, but former First Lady Laura Bush already picked that. What else is there? How to protect yourself from terrorist? Focusing on the environment and keeping us from global warming? Both equally controversial with some people.

It’s a no-win situation in this day and age. So why criticize?