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Service project #2 !

Yesterday I had an opportunity to do a service project once more! I signed up to clean the litter trap for the Anacostia River at Kenilworth Park. I got up bright and early to go clean up the environment, only problem was I couldn’t find the volunteer team. I’m sure I was in the right place— guess no one showed up.

However, I discovered a hidden gem in the city. The Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is nestled in a large lot off the Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave. exit off of I- 295. There are park rangers , and a nature museum to tell about all the wildlife in the park, not something I’d expect to see in the city. I did a nature walk and it was so relaxing.

All was not lost in the day. I went home to MD to pick something up and found a penny jar I had from when I was a tween and added that change to my collection for giving to! Finally some progress there. Hopefully, I’ll find some service projects where I can make a huge impact in my giving resolutions, but for now I’m just thankful I’ve found a lot of change and a great new place to clear my head.