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Staying fit without breaking the bank

Getting back in shape takes a full pledge desire from you to do so.

Once you really want to, I think there is no need to get a gym membership. There are tons of low-cost ways to achieve physical fitness without paying $50 or more a month.

I was reading a Brazen Careerist article that featured a quote from Melissa Harris, business columnist for the Chicago Tribune. She said ” During the most stressful periods in my life, I gain weight,’she adds. ‘So I’ve adopted a few rules: First, eat a low-sugar, low-carb diet. Second, one glass of wine or one mug of beer is enough. And third, a personal trainer is worth going broke over(formatting added). I look at it this way: If your body’s in good shape, that’s one less thing your mind needs to worry about. I also use all of my vacation days; taking time off is important to re-energizing yourself.”

I fully agree, but sometimes— well all the time, you can’t go broke over it. So how do we work out without breaking the bank ?

Take advantage of nature– run, jog, play on the swings at the park while the kids are off doing something else.

Use daily deal sites– LivingSocial and Groupon offer really great gym deals.

Your rec center – The recreation center usually has a no-frills gym and equipment.

Staying fit and not spending too much money can be done.

What do you do to work out without breaking the bank?


Workout Spotlight: Running

I love running. Let me be more specific—I love running outside, in 75 degree weather, with the sun shining bright, a gentle breeze, and under clear blue skies. It’s where I can go to think and workout anything that’s bothering me. It’s my therapy. The sidewalk is the couch and the therapist is the air that I breathe into my lungs that feeds my passion and helps me see things clearly. When I step out on to the sidewalk and start up a gait, my anxiety washes away.

I like to hear the sound of the city, so I run without headphones. The music is my steps , the laughter from kids, and the sound of wind dancing thorough the leaves on the now lush trees. Out there you don’t have to worry about the guy next to you sweating up a storm.  I don’t worry about calories, heart rate, or anything else. All that’s out there is the sound of my feet hitting the pavement –clop clop, the wind flowing over my skin, the bright sunshine massaging my skin, the fragrance of flowers, and the beautiful foliage. Every time I run it’s a euphoric experience that I yearn for thoughout the day.