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Will we ever get it right?

I was listening to my Pandora recently and one of my current  favorite songs “Someday” by Black Eyed Peas started playing. I like this song for a variety of reasons: it’s fun, catchy and an empowering tune.

The chorus goes like this:

Someday I’m gonna get it right, my life
Someday I’m gonna figure it out, maybe tonight
Coz I know I’ma get it right
And I know I’ma get it right
Someday, ooh ho hohoho
One day, ooh ho hohoho

As I listen to this song, I think about the journey we all go through to reach adulthood and I wonder will we ever get it right? Will we ever reach that point where we say I’ve arrived?

From what I’ve heard from older people, the answer is no. Things may get easier as we grow and learn, but there probably won’t be that point where we say ” Hey, I’ve figured this adult thing all out. I’ve got it all together” because we are always learning and growing.

 If you meet someone who says they have it all together. Turn around and run—run as fast as you can! You don’t want to spend a lot of time with someone who claims they know everything about life and therefore have nothing else to learn. Or tell them to write a book to let us all know the secret of how to figure life out.

I do think things get easier and we get better at navigating certain things everyday.

I don’t think the point of the song is that we will figure everything in this life out someday. After all, it is a catchy pop song— not very deep. But  it’s important to understand that we will continue to make  mistakes, but we’ll hopefully learn from them and become better people as we journey this path of adulthood.

What are somethings that have become easier as you’ve moved into adulthood?