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Used books tell tales.


I finally got it! The book I’ve wanted since 2006 when my love affair with Wicked began— Wicked: Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. I was making a visit to my local library to turn in some books and pick up some ones that I had on hold when I looked through their $1 used books and found it!

I love used books because not only are you getting a book that contains a story, but you’re getting a book with a story of its own. Having been exchanged with an infinite number of readers. It has its own history and life. I just love feeling the heartbeat of a book life well lived.

I particularly like this book because the pages are green:) how fitting. The story that I know from the play is filled with integrity by standing up for what you believe in no matter how unpopular it is, passionate love, and friendship. I can’t wait to read the book version!